Staff Review: Song of Soloman by Toni Morrison

SongOfSolomonSong of Soloman was my first Toni Morrison book. I had heard much praise for her writing and I wasn’t disappointed by her prose–it is beautifully  lyrical! The characters are eclectic and interesting, as are their names (to name a few…Milkman, Pilate, Macon, First Corinthians–all with the surname “Dead”).  A central theme of the novel is about the significance of names and knowing your history and where you come from.  Admittedly, it took me until nearly the end of the book to get vested in some of the characters’ stories and I found much of the “work” of connecting the characters is left to the reader.  As with many classics, it isn’t a light read, but it offered a unique voice and perspective to any other African-American stories I have read.