Week Four Reads


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4 thoughts on “Week Four Reads

    • Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
      A wonderful writer, whose books I will never tire from reading. The commentary on women’s position in society is shown with satire and wit. Austen fills our imagination with delightful characters, who either make one dream of what a gentleman used to be, and others who make the reader cringe with embarrassment. The reader also sighs with relief that such narrow, judgemental and sexist attitudes and views no longer exist. In some cases, at least not in the western world. Austen was ahead of her time with the strength of character she gave to her female characters and I can see why we are still rivetted by her novels.
      Hilary Newman-Shalagan.

  1. Naughts and Crosses is romance thriller suited to anyone who cares about politics, lost love, segregation, or justice. it shows the ups and downs in a society where the black crosses rule the white Naughts, using them as the badly treated second class. It is story of forbidden love looked down upon by Naughts and Crosses a like. A fantastic read!

  2. Jenet Evano writes a series about a quirky, fiery tempered amateur bounty hunter named Stephanie plum. Both the first and second novels in this series are laugh out loud and roll on the ground funny. From loosing her keys in the dumpster, to getting handcuff to her shower rod, Stephanie Plum certainly has a knack for trouble!

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