Summer Book Reviews


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8 thoughts on “Summer Book Reviews

  1. “The Burgess Boys” by Elizabeth Strout
    What an amazing writer! This story of the life-long fallout of a tragic accident in the Burgess’ siblings early childhood (also affecting spouses & the subsequent generation) is infused with wisdom, wit, and warmth. The Somali immigrant experience is also handled with great sensitivity & insight. Fans of Anne Tyler’s work would love this. (E. Strout won the Pulitzer Prize for “Olive Kitteridge” in 2009).

  2. “The Heist” by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg
    If you’re a big fan of Stephanie Plum, as I am, you may be a little disappointed with this outing. It’s not the laugh out loud ride I was expecting, but the plot is interesting and I particularly like the Dad character. It seems to be the start of a new series, so more Kate O’Hare and Nicolas Fox adventures to look forward to :).

  3. “Big Girl Panties” by Stephanie Evanovich
    For a début novel it was alright. While not the romantic comedy I was expecting, I did laugh out loud a few times. I identified with Holly in many ways and admired her strength and spunk. If you are a fan of witty heroines and life changing stories, give this one a try.

  4. Customer Review
    “The Tent” by Margaret Atwood
    The Tent is like going to the flea market or discovering an attic filled with curios and relics; to read it once is not enough to discover all its secrets and hidden treasures. it must be examined thoroughly and every time you return, something new and precious is discovered.

  5. “You haven’t changed a bit : stories” by Astrid Blodgett

    A collection of gripping, moving, suspenseful stories that draw you in from the first sentence. Blodgett is a very talented local writer; every story is strong, no weak parts to this collection. I was blown away by the quality of her writing (why do we never expect greatness from local people?); she makes you feel /sense the vulnerability of her characters, creates masterfully crafted but seemingly effortless sketches that can evoke an atmosphere, a feeling of menace or dread in just a few paragraphs. Highly recommended!

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  7. Customer Review
    “The Light Between Oceans” by M.L. Stedman
    Beautifully written book. Really gives a sense of how isolation can provide both a sense of solace and desolation and what can happen when isolation affects the decisions you make.

  8. Customer Review
    “Twilight” by Elie Wiesel
    Another amazing book by E. Wiesel. Full of twists, turns, mystery and wondering, he manages to keep the reader interested and wondering…Who is Pedro? Wiesel moves from past–>present and back, from situation to situation, and thought to thought all with a deep rootedness in the Holocaust.

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