What Are We Reading This Summer?

wall of books

Wonder what the other players are reading this summer?  Check for weekly updates to a summer-long reading list.  Last summer, St. Albert Adults read over 375 different books! Let’s see if we can make it to 400.


3 thoughts on “What Are We Reading This Summer?

  1. Sense of Place Pick:

    Sky Saw
    by Blake Butler

    There is no need in trying to understand or decode “Sky Saw”- simply enjoy the prose’s ability to inhale our stagnant thought patterns and exhale moments of transcendent voids that the author has successfully captured in a rare medium: words on a page.

  2. Mystery Pick:

    The Big Sleep
    by Raymond Chandler

    Edmonton, The City of Champions. The only thing that reminds me of the glory days is the slap to the face from my cup of coffee – cold as a metal blade on a sheet of ice, black as a hockey puck whose taste is probably the same as the vulcanized orb that manages to capture the pockets of every caller from quick rich small timers of the oil boom to the big shot millionaires who can afford to call this town home for the only two sunny pages on a calendar. An old bookwork like me doesn’t need much- I just want to make the scene with a good page turner before “The Big Sleep”, the only ticket that I’ve bought and paid for on this trip. Yeah, they say I’m hard-boiled alright and maybe a little too much fiction is why I’m laying on the lam for awhile. Until things cool off… until I can sort out who the major players are in this mystery.

  3. Vine video for the last page of “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac.

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